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Sherri Bartin
we all get stuck

We all get stuck sometimes.

We get caught up in the demands and routines of life and wake up one day to realize we’re not loving our jobs. We aren’t connected to our family the way we want to be. We have let our health go and maybe put on 10 or 50 or 100+ pounds. We struggle to have time to do what’s important to us. We aren’t enjoying our life, and we wonder, “Surely, there must be more.”

Your life doesn’t have to be that way. I can help you change and grow in any area to find the joy and fulfillment you desire.

I can help you [re]create the life you want.

Did you know that how you think impacts every area of your life?

A Way to Think about Life

You may have heard the poem called “The Dash,” by Linda Willis. It speaks of all the years, loves, smiles, tears, disappointments, and accomplishments of our life that are represented by the very small dash between our year of birth and our year of death.

Whatever number of days God has granted us, we each have a sacred purpose that is ours alone. Every one of us makes a unique contribution to this world that no other person can create exactly the way we can. We matter!

But we forget. We get bogged down in the details of life. And then we find ourselves running to catch our kid’s volleyball games or working 12-hour days, or both. We find ourselves sitting on the couch instead of hiking or cycling, or doing whatever it is we love.

It doesn’t feel good to be unfocused. It doesn’t feel good to be stuck.

But there is JOY in remembering and re-creating our life—on purpose.

What are the obstacles that stand in your way right now?

Let’s work on solving them.

Success in any endeavor is rarely the result of actions or willpower alone. In fact, numerous studies show that relying only on willpower almost always leads to failure. Have you been there?

create lasting change

Creating a meaningful life in which you succeed at what’s most important to you simply takes more.

Success involves fine-tuning your mindset, which means getting clear on what you want and why. It means extending your vision and creating your future you. With some goals, it means putting clear, repeatable systems in place and dedicating time to practice them. It also means becoming 100% responsible for your results, eliminating excuses, and creating systems to deal with obstacles that will inevitably arise. It means learning how to fail and learning from failure.

Deciding to live a life beyond the ordinary routine WILL create discomfort. I’ll help you push through any fears or doubts that come up. I’ll help you overcome what is possibly your greatest adversary: you.

Most people struggle to reach their goals because they haven’t learned the multiple systems needed to achieve success.

When you’re struggling to achieve your goals, dissatisfaction starts showing up in different ways. Do you want to…

No matter what your goals are,
I’ve got you.

multiple systems needed to achieve success


Real Clients

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Through coaching with Sherri, I was able to explore some deeply buried assumptions I had about myself that weren’t very positive. She helped me explore my natural talents with sensitivity and patience. I discovered that what I had previously perceived as my greatest weaknesses were, in fact, my innate, God-given strengths. Coaching with Sherri and learning about CliftonStrengths has given me more confidence to show up in the world in a way that I never have before.

– Kristen R.

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Having coached with Sherri, the traction I have gained would have taken multiples of time to actualize in my life. The combination of Sherri’s accomplished resume, coupled with her coach’s heart, has been such a welcome part of my personal and professional development. Sherri isn’t afraid to explore the touchy issues, while also walking right beside me through the journey of growth. I’m a better human having her as a coach, and I can’t imagine not having her in my corner.

– Gabe H.

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After coaching with Sherri, I discovered that I really had allowed a lot of bad mind habits, and they were impacting my daily actions. Sherri created space for me to safely explore what was going on. She helped me slow things down in my mind so I could examine where my thinking had gotten a bit off track. Through our coaching process, I have been able to take gradual steps to get me moving forward again. For me, coaching has been a true game changer.

– D.L.C.

My Success Formula Blueprint has empowered my clients to create the systems that virtually ensure their own success. And I’m happy to share it with you, too.

First up in the Success Formula Blueprint is The Success Ratio:


Are you ready for success?

If you want to grow and succeed in any area, learn how to apply The Success Ratio to your most pressing goals.

Click the button below to download a free copy of my Success Formula Blueprint and get started right away.

Leverage your natural strengths

Another reason people struggle to make forward progress on their goals is they concentrate most of their energy on their weaknesses, mistakes, and failures. Focusing on shortcomings can seem productive but actually pushes you in the wrong direction.

experience a key turning point

You will experience a key turning point when you use your natural talents and strengths to propel you forward.

Identifying and refining your natural God-given strengths is the fuel for your success.

As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach™, I’ll use the Gallup CliftonStrengths 34 Assessment to teach you to recognize your natural talents as they show up in your life now.

Propel yourself to higher levels of success in your most important life goals.

You’ll then learn how to refine your natural talents into powerful strengths and aim those strengths to propel yourself to higher levels of success in your most important life goals.

In fact, with every coaching client, I use my own Gallup strengths:

I can’t wait to see where your strengths take you! My Success Formula Blueprint will guide your first steps forward. Click below to get your copy.

What problem is holding you back?

Do you have a goal—one you consider important—but you aren’t making progress? As much as you hate to admit it, do you feel stuck?

Then you’ve got a problem. And you’re not alone.

All of us humans have thoughts, desires, vulnerabilities, habits, and quirks, and maybe even apathy or laziness, that get in the way of us being the person we want to be.

The good news is that problems can ALWAYS be solved.

what problem is holding you back
Sherri - Certified Life Coach

If you’re a human with a problem, I can help you.

I’m Sherri, and as a certified Life Coach

I’ll teach you how to manage your mind and overcome problems that are holding you back.

I can help you with anything you want to change or achieve in your life: business, personal, health and wellness, financial, or spiritual.

Wherever you start, coaching will allow you to gain clarity around your purpose, passions, and strengths and become aware of the beliefs keeping you stuck and preventing forward growth.

Soon you’ll be amazed at how gaining mastery in one area of your life opens up the door to another area.

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