Learn to manage your mind

And finally achieve your goals.

Did you know that every day about 60,000 thoughts are racing through your mind? Most of the time, you are oblivious to them. You are probably even more oblivious to the positive, or negative, impact of those 60,000 thoughts on your life.

learn to manage your mind
unexamined life

You’ve heard Socrates’ assessment of the unexamined life (“It is not worth living”).


God created you with immeasurable value and unique purpose to contribute to our world.

If there is ever a time that we need people like you contributing your unique, God-designed purpose to our world, the time is now.

Your intrinsic value simply isn’t up for question. But the unexamined life that Socrates speaks of is simply the result of an unexamined mind.

When you don’t focus intentionally on your thoughts and your purpose, your value can become ineffective. This is how we find ourselves stuck!

What we believe influences who we are and, in turn, impacts everything we do.


An examined life and a managed mind lead to transformation.

Most people are living ASPIRATIONAL lives. They aspire to

Aspiration costs us nothing. It even rewards us with the pleasure of an imagined false life.

We are always in a state of choice. But who makes our choices?

managed mind lead to transformation
I love to coach with people

Transformation is different than aspiration because WE have the choice.

Transformation changes EVERYTHING! When you begin your transformation process you’ll start taking responsibility for your choices and consciously realizing the costs and benefits of every one.

You’ll notice that when you stay up too late to finish that project at work you don’t get up early for your workout. That awareness helps you begin making choices more deliberately.

If you are ready to open the door to transformation, I can help you.

Coaching for transformation is my process of unlocking a person’s potential so they can achieve things they never considered possible.
As you go through this process, you’ll stop blaming your childhood, your parents, your boss, or any other external circumstance. You’ll choose to become responsible for the results in your life and learn to create the outcomes you want.

Transformation begins with creating a vision

and getting clear about your goals.

You’ll also discover how to identify and record your strengths on the whiteboard of your mind, and you’ll learn how to outsmart and outperform your weaknesses.

Andre Agassi’s comeback is one of my favorite examples of transformation.

Katy Milkman, in How to Change, writes about how Andre Agassi went from turning pro at age 16 in 1986 to falling to 31st in the world rankings and basically disappearing from tennis radar. He had taken to telling people he hated tennis.

transformation begins with creating a vision
unique set of circumstances

By a unique set of circumstances, Agassi took on Brad Gilbert as his coach.

Gilbert told him that he was “misusing his gifts: You try to hit a winner on every ball.” It was a serious shortcoming, especially when Agassi failed to hit the winning shot. Agassi realized that the skill he had formerly considered his greatest strength was actually a weakness. Gilbert was telling him that his strength had become his Achilles heel.

Agassi learned that, while plenty of advice was out there on how to win, most people weren’t actually winning.

He found that a more useful answer to winning was to find the right strategy.

Gilbert helped Agassi shift from always trying to make the aggressive winning shot to focusing on his opponent’s weakness. He learned to isolate the weakness to prevent progress and then he pounced with his strengths.

Agassi went on to a surprise win of the 1994 U.S. Open, capturing the number-one world ranking, which he held for almost two years.

Like you and me, Agassi needed a coach to help him discover what he was unable to see on his own.

Your opponent is inside your head, so it is very difficult for you to see the playing field accurately. Coaching creates the container, the space, for you to see what you cannot see.

When we work together, I’ll show you how to practice

a winning strategy that will help you achieve your highest goals.

You’ll grow in ways you never imagined. And you’ll be empowered to

I'll show you how to practice

Those who solicit a coach are already ascending the mountain; their eyes are focused upward so they can see the mountaintop. They already glimpse the opportunity to improve . . . at that point, a coach comes in and helps them to see even more possibilities. A coach helps them make additional changes . . . the coach will ask the right questions and clarify their convictions. This, in turn, will assist them to change their habits so they can become even more successful and purposeful.

− DANIEL HARKAVY, author of Becoming A Coaching Leader

what's your problem

So, WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM? We all have them.

If you know what problem is holding you back but don’t know how to get unstuck, ask yourself:

I believe you are ready for

what will become the most rewarding journey of your life.

I’m sure you want to elevate your success and achieve your next most important goals. And I’d love to support you every step of the way.

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