But I’m persistent.

I could start my story by telling you all my failures. But they are too many, and I promise, we don’t have time.

I am a very slow learner
my achievements

I could also tell you about my achievements:

You, too, could list your failures and achievements because we all stumble in some areas and succeed in others.

Most of us can love well. Or we can lead well (and we are all leaders in some area).

We can even enjoy many aspects of our personal lives. But I bet that you, like most of us, struggle to balance all areas of your life so that each is elevated.

When one area of your life (personal, professional, or internal) is out of balance, it impacts every other part of your life.

This is where persistence comes in.

But being persistent without learning how to be successful holds you back.

Over and over in my own life, and in my clients’ lives, the same pattern emerges. We decide to improve in some area. We try. We try HARD (at least 5 times [smirk]). We look for programs that promise to solve our problem or deliver amazing results with two easy payments.

Yet, we find ourselves as the one lonely penguin, all alone on the arctic tundra, without any change, without achieving our goals, and with a big fat F for our failure. Cue the discouraging thoughts.

where persistence come in
our failed attempts

We decide to make our failed attempts mean something terrible about ourselves:

We are broken. It is the only explanation.

Or so we think.

Like my clients, and you, I’ve had my share of discouragement.

And my persistence and faith have been tested—many times.

The challenges I’ve had in my life can be seen as failures, yes.
But they have helped me learn and grow in ways I could have never imagined.

I am grateful for God’s grace in turning ashes to beauty.

When I’ve made mistakes or failed to live up to my own ideals, do I blame others and excuse myself, or do I find a way to move forward to become what God originally created me to become? I’ve faced this question many times. And I’ve learned that I have the choice.

I never gave up on my goals, or my faith, even though it’s hard sometimes.

And as a Life Coach, I help my clients stick with their goals, too, even though it’s hard sometimes.

Think about it: What if our goals are designed to bring up the next layer of “stuff” we need to deal with to become the amazing human beings that God designed us to be?

What if our goals simply expose the next layer of problems we need to solve?

Our problems may show up in different ways. Maybe we

These are wonderful goals. I’ve had similar ones.

So why do we often find ourselves stuck? There is no forward momentum.

When we find ourselves stuck, our thoughts often become louder, and they’re usually not speaking very nicely to us.

Enter coaching. Hope begins.

I’ve found that you can enter the “home” of coaching through any door.

Coaching evolves and goes deeper and deeper as you are ready and as you discover the safety of coaching and the positive impact it has on every area your life.

Like you, I have been, and still am, in need of coaching to bring out the very best part of me.

On a scale of 1 to 10, my 10 keeps moving higher and higher. What was 10 before is now just my 2. I love it!

That is the power of coaching. What is possible keeps getting bigger and bigger.

bring out the best part of me
I love to coach with people

I LOVE to coach with people.

Walking with clients as they move from where they were to where they want to be is the most rewarding vocation possible. I am blessed.

I am a Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School. I am also a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach and am awaiting finalization of my certification as a Certified Life Coach and Certified Leadership Coach through the Professional Christian Coaching Institute and the International Coaching Federation.

The most rewarding thing I can think of in life is to help another human being find their unique place in this world where God intended them to have impact.

A coach is someone trained and devoted to guiding others into increased competence, commitment, and confidence.

− FREDERIC HUDSON, author of Handbook of Coaching

Are you ready to discover the best version of you? Yes or no?

While coaching has been life-changing for me and is part of my identity, I am also unashamedly a Christian.

I love God, and pursuit of His glory is my highest personal ambition. Life is short, and eternity is very long. This drives my own life vision and purpose.

I believe there is nothing more important in life than every human being wrestling with and settling their relationship with their Creator and coming to peace with Him.

unashamedly a Christian

The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me [and you]; Your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. You will not forsake the work of your hands.

− Psalm 138:8 [meaning that we trust that God will finish what He has started to the very end.]

love having relationships with people

I also love having relationships with people who do not share my beliefs because I learn from them, and I think they learn from me.

I do not forward or force my beliefs on my clients. I love to honor your beliefs, even when they are different from mine. Unless you wish, they will never/rarely even come up in coaching.

Now you know all about me. Let me get to know you!

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